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Re: rough time

Thank you @Appleblossom
Ive still got a lot to do and get through esp this week and next as well. Ive woke feeling a little sick but i think itll pass as the day goes on.

Re: rough time

@outlander Heart

Smiley Happy

I dont want to preach being stoic, but sometimes that is the only thing we can do.

Keep being YOU.


Re: rough time

Evening lil Sis @outlander 💕💕💕

Re: rough time

Evening sis @Sans911 💜 💙 💜

Re: rough time

Hoping today wasnt to hard for you @Sherry ❤❤

Re: rough time

I'm doing a little better today. Motivated now to get unpacked and sorted . I've made a start with the kitchen this evening. It's looking better and I can see the benches.

Jasper is busy watching me eat right now.

How are you doing tonight?

Re: rough time

Im glad your doing better today and tour motivation levels are up abit. Sounds great that you can see the benches now. 👌👌👏 @Sans911

Im mostly tired and flat but otherwise i think im ok. As long as i dont think to much im alright

Re: rough time

Hi @Sans911 @outlander
You two seem to be night owls around the forum

Re: rough time

Hi @outlander  @Sans911  @Hamsolo01 @Appleblossom 


Outlander ... tired but flat is not too bad!  Can cope with that.

You asked earlier here how I was doing.  I wont go over it all again here, but I have just posted an update on my thread. It explains everything.


As I got no sleep at all last night, I'm really hopefully (or maybe desperate is a more apt word?) to get some sleep tonight. So its an early night here for me.


Good night all.

Sherry 🌺💤

Re: rough time

Yes, that's my problem too lil Sis. Thinking too much. Today I did things instead of thinking. I have my pdoc appt tommorow in the morning. Nothing else apart from that so I see if I can get a bit more sorted.


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